GodzillaI saw Godzilla and I…

Here’s my review of the new Godzilla movie. I went into the theater with VERY low expectations. Most modern Godzilla films don’t inspire the thrill I got watching the early movies as a child, through child’s eyes. It’s almost as if movie companies purposely disrespect the movies that captured the imagination of world years ago and go out of there way to run the franchise down for a buck.

So, of course, I was reluctant to trust this one. I watched with a suspicious eye.

The title sequence was interesting – effective in creating tension, interest and a since of history.

OK, you got my attention.

Next is the introduction of the main characters and the emotional backbone of the story.

OK, well done – well acted…initially. Let me explain;

Bryan Cranston: You can tell he was enjoying this as an actor – he brought it! Played it like he respected the story. Excellent job!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson: He held up his end of the story but not too much was asked of him. His scenes with Cranston raised the bar but the rest was just a basic good job.

Ken Watanabe: Surprisingly flat performance! He looked constipated through all his scenes. He’s been better. The science he spouts makes no sense either. But I tried to overlook that…

Elizabeth Olsen: Served her purpose – the movie wasn’t about her, so don’t expect much.

Sally Hawkins: Useless. Served no purpose.

David Strathairn: Incredibly bad! I was left feeling like he didn’t care. And he’s a great actor, which makes it all the more disappointing – even the writing of the character’s decisions is weak. Maybe that’s why his performance is so poor. He had to be uninspired to do THAT!

Which brings me to my next point; The story:

OK, I understand that there are certain things you have to do in movies. Certain tried & true methods to advance a story and that not everything can be written realistically or you’d have a VERY short film. I also understand the “suspension-of-disbelief” rule that a viewer has to bring with them in agreement with the film-makers, but THIS story was just WRONG! People don’t listen to experts. Too many coincidences. Bad Darwinism science. Bad plans with no consequences for the decision makers (in the movie). Too many things happen that make no sense what so ever!

Luckily there was somethings that overshadowed the story…

The action! The FXs! …and Godzilla!

These 3 elements were so well done that you are willing to go along with the ride! Godzilla looks great! Well beyond the “man-in-a-monster-suit” of years ago (of course) and THIS time it’s design will not piss-off long-time fans! Probably the most important thing about the movie they got right! This showed the film-makers respect for the fans and the original Japanese product. Only problem in this area is the other designs that looks too unoriginal. I’m not going to delve into this as it would lead to spoilers. But if you go see it…you’ll see what I mean.

So…I saw Godzilla and I had fun in spite of myself and you should too!



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  1. I think the problem is that the Japanese movies engaged you- they had energy. Aside from the father in this new one, I didn’t really care about the other characters- they were kind of deadpan. The Japanese had passion- even in the dubbed versions. People in charge were just too calm in this movie. I think Cloverfield, as annoying as the camera view was, had more urgency. Unfortunately, I can’t see it with new eyes- I’ve seen every Godzilla movie ever made. I remember the wonder my boys had on their faces in Jurassic Park. I still felt that wonder when Godzilla made it to the modern FX of the 90s, even though it was still a guy in a suit. I needed more for Big G, but the FX are worth seeing.

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