Greatness – A Letter To My Friends

By Shadez

One morning, before being late to work, I was thinking how I really wanted to be the type of person who was a great man or knew great people. I don’t mean celebrities, I mean people who have the character to stand up and do great things; to affect the world in a positive way, those who SHOULD be admired. I asked myself, “Why don’t I?” Then a voice said to me, “You do. Just look who is around you.” So I did.

I want you all to know there IS greatness around me and it’s you…All of you…My friends.

I’ve got a friend who is the bravest person I know. She wanted a better life for herself so she stepped out on faith – left security and found purpose and motherhood! I know a couple who faced devastating loss that most parents never recover from and held on to each other with the strength of iron and were blessed with two new lives! A friend who has had to fight battles to be a father to his children, an example to other men but has never lost the ability to uplift others with humor! I’ve got a friend who has little for herself & her own children but finds a way, then is so honorable that she teaches, helps and loves the children of others whether they are good or bad! I’ve got a friend who has a dream to act and the enthusiasm to pursue it with joy and wonder and has nothing but success in front of her! I’ve got a friend who has fought the most destructive element on earth, saved what he could for people whose life and treasures where threatened with an inferno! I’ve got a friend in two sisters who treat everyone like family – giving love both tender and tough – willing to stand by you in the worst and cheer for you in the best and now have their own reasons to celebrate! I’ve got a friend that has blossomed into herself, who never settled for less but strove to educate herself, raise her family, and be a support for her husband, one who is not afraid to grow! I’ve got a friend, who left everything she knew and everyone she loved to find her life halfway across the country, who does things I will never be able to do and always stays true to herself! I’ve got friends whom I have traveled and seen parts God’s beautiful world with, sharing in those discoveries and adventures and memories. I’ve got a friend just starting out, who has so much talent, intelligence, wit, and faith, that I know her future will burn bright! I’ve got a friend who has taken the challenge of serving her fellow man in remote places of the world and shared her journeys with me. I have a friend who let me turn to her and hear my grief while in the midst of her mourning and helped lift me up. I have a friend who through her own academic achievements inspired the man she loves to reach for his higher education. I have a friend who has given me a chance to express my thoughts and stories and share them on this site. And many more, too many to list; friends who give the most incredible gifts – their unconditional friendship, love, trust, support, honor, strength, faith, encouragement, laughter and joy!

I’ve got a best friend, who embodies all the best I see in myself – creativity, intelligence, humor, compassion, toughness, curiosity and responsibility – exhibits so much more than what I have – forgiveness, determination, courage, wisdom – but tolerates my flaws! She’s better than me and yet she loves me!

I confess I took what is in all of you for granted – what I fool I was to overlook it. I am truly blessed by those in my life, you all are my friends and you ARE great and I love you.


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