I need you to feel my scream
My silence has been exhausting
My march has left my feet raw
My blind hopes that you would see

I need you to taste motherly tears
Her eyes can’t give any more
Her heart lies on the ground
Her nights are left in moaning

I need you to hear his pain
His hurting hands raised
His faith left in yesterday
His broken spirit’s last rage

I need you to watch our anger
Our history should educate you
Our patience is set on boil
Our reasons for peace died

I need you to understand it
Who has done it again
Who has drawn first blood
Who has stood over the bodies

Now you are surprised and expect us
To trust you when you constantly suspect us
To accept your assaults without reprisals
To be ever hopeful in your innocent denials

Now you bring him out as one of our own today
To apologize for you as you safely hide tucked away
To plead for unity then send tactical into the crowd
To break more each night for protesting you too loud

I need you to suffer to your knees
I need you to bow to your head
I need you to grip to your hands
I need you to call to your faith
I need you to cry to your guilt

Maybe then I’ll believe
You’ll teach your sons
To treat our sons
As your own

No More Lonely Songs


Last night I didn’t spend another lonely Christmas
I didn’t have to use just my imagination once again
No more tear drops stain my pillow
No more lonely songs

I don‘t have to sing along anymore
Feeling every sad word to my core
Knowing that’s my life in the verse
And my pain in the refrain

I don’t have to be all cried out
Don’t have to say maybe tomorrow
No more wondering who can stand the rain
No more lonely songs

A blessed change came my way
I sing much happier songs today
Knowing that you’re my answered prayer
And my heart has a brand new start

Now this ring is for the lover in you
And now I’m overjoyed over you
No more wishin’ on a star
No more lonely songs because you love me too




She sleeping now

And her silent sighs

Are angel songs

Sung in slumber


Peaceful dreams

Of laughter, life and love

Living in lighted landscapes

Dancing to long lullabies

Lifting her high


So warm

Holding her in my arms

Admiring the woman

Announcing my heart

Admitting my love


My dreams

Made true

My prayers answered

My days made more

My hours magnified

My hopes claimed

Maddening mystifyingly blessed


How could I dare

Who would ask for more

What means this much

Where do I find the nerve

When I have so much



Because I want tomorrow too

Another laugh

Another hug

Another dance

Another chance

To love her all over again


Honestly it’s that good

Greedy for more minutes together

Committed to forever

Today is not enough, no sir

My Future is in her

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